Sunday, February 3, 2013

Workshop Musings: Why Do I Write?

These are answers from members of our workshop to the question, “Why do you write?”

 Writing began as a way t o defuse overpowering emotions, most of them negative – anger, disappointment, depression. Somehow poems eased the intensity and allowed me to think more rationally.
 My poems distanced me from what ever bothered me. However, in time I discovered that I enjoyed working with words, which can be deceitful as well as honest.
 When I write fiction I experience many adventures.
Bonnie Stanard

 I write because thoughts come to me from God-knows-where that I think might be important to someone else, to those I love, to me.
 I think writing helps me relate to people better as I understand myself better.
 It’s fun. It gives me joy. My parents instilled in me a love for writing.
Chris Mathews

I write as an outlet for my hopes and fears, mostly my fears.
Sarah Herlong

  1. Money
  1. Fame
  1. Attention
  1. Pride
  1. Money
  1. To get some sleep
Re #6: When I get into my writing mode, I wake at all hours to scribble thoughts.
Mike Long

To produce the kinds of stories I like to read and, in so doing, create value for others who also like those kinds of stories.
Also, it’s fun.
Charles Wentworth

 I write to communicate. When I read, I feel close contact with the author. When I write, I hope to communicate some intimate feelings and ideas to my readers. Creative writing is rarified expression.
 Laura Valtorta

  I write because I read, and I see inspiration when I read others’ writing. I have a talent that I must develop in order for my life to be fulfilled. It is my hope that my writing inspires others the way writing inspires me.
Len Lawson

  I write as a creative outlet; however, when I write poetry it is to neutralize emotions I don’t know how to process.
Ginny Padgett


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