Sunday, June 8, 2008

George William Newport

I was born in Windsor, Vermont hospital on 15 July 1952
the place that I consider my home is my girlfriends house at 75 Truesdell Avenue
what I should do with my life is to complete some of the many things that I have started and not finished
my obsession has to be my writing
a story I'll never write has not occcured to me yet
what I believe is not clear there are many things that I believe in and it is not possible to list them all
worst/best sentence I ever read is not clear right now I have no idea if I have a worst and best sentence in mind
the best years of my life so far have been the two years that I have spent with my girlfriend Carol
a person who has influenced my writing would be Al Burke, my friend, an editor, and a warrior, who got me a long way down the literary highway. Choo Choo Chuck Lipe, my friend, an air force jet transport jockey, he cheered me on from the sidelines when others would not. Bill Cleveland and his good friend Kat, my friend, my dentist, the only one I will alllow to put implements of destruction inside my mouth, a warrior, and a writer, Bill tolerated my erratic ramblings that I committed to paper and kept me going mostly forward in my writings.

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