Sunday, February 1, 2009

Find Inspiration to Write Outside of the Box

By DiAna DiAna

I suggest leaving the country, or at least the state, to discover something new—something that inspires you and peaks your interest. When you travel to new places you're forced to look around you, and with a little research you can learn about your new area and create a story about what you see, or don't see.

Many people will only write about their own town, or state and the things that happen there. Although there is nothing wrong with that, imagine the adventure of exposing yourself to something new. It doesn't have to be dangerous, just interesting.

Just getting a passport can be an adventure. Researching destinations is also an adventure. An example of something that I did that I may write about one day is my first and only, I hope, shark dive—including what led up to the trip, the island I was on, the people I was diving with, and how it felt when over forty sharks surrounded me. I'll make sure to include the part where a tiny fish bit my friend's ear, and I watched the blood flow, which incidentally looks green at forty feet below.

My story could go many places, but first I had to get off the couch and experience life. Your story could make a difference to others whether it's written as fact or fiction.

I've met so many people who have never ventured far from home and haven't explored other cultures. They miss so much. So, if you do decide to travel, share what you see, share your stories so others may learn along with you and so you experience it all over again in the telling.

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